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Fixtures & Products

Whether it is time to update a few fixtures in your home or finally treat yourself to luxury – we can provide you with some of today's hottest products!

We can install the most basic faucet or one that turns itself on and off with the wave of your hand!

If it is safety you're looking for, we can convert your standard tub into a handicap safe walk-in shower with a bench.

And if you are just looking for the latest and greatest technical toilet…we can help you with that too.

The sky is the limit!

Have slow drains? We are distributors of a great drain maintenance product call BioOne!

Plumbing and pumping professionals have long known the difficulties to drain lines and treatment systems caused by fat, oil and grease. Buildups of these substances obstruct, and eventually clog drainage systems.

BioOne is made of naturally occurring cultures that can be introduced directly into plumbing and septic systems. The patented BioOne Hungry Bacteria get to work immediately on degradation of fat, oil, grease and organic waste build-up through natural biological digestion. The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and safe. BioOne is safe for pipes, septic systems, drain fields, municipal wastewater treatment plants, and the environment because it is free from harmful chemicals, and contains no emulsifiers, added enzymes or surfactants.

BioOne is a great replacement for products made with caustic chemicals, as it contains none! Check out the BioOne website for more information.